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Settling In.

My new school is alright, people put more effort into their work.. and the canteen is really healthy.. *sigh*. But beyond that, they swear just as much, underage drink and smoke just as much. And it’s a private school, therefor the uniform is a lot more “official” which is another word for “embarrassing”. Haven’t had much time at all to game, but when I am, I am on the Xbox 360 and playing the new State of Decay. It is AWESOME. Dunno how old it is as it has only JUST be allowed into Australia as we have a R18+ rating, but our country still refuses to let those games in, like the new Saints Row 4 is getting changed to even be allowed, and for that reason, they are putting it as MA15+.. Ahhh our country is a truly messed up one. Anyway, Im off to bed. 50% Laziness and 50% Boredom. 


New School

I haven’t written anything for this blog for a while, due to the fact of my main computer being in repairs and the part needed will take a long time to order/import and stuff. I won’t bother going through what I need and why it takes so long.

I have recently left my public school and entered a Private School, or Christian School. Since then I have gained a Macbook from the school. Which I am currently typing on now. I have never liked Macs but it isn’t too bad. But they are bloody expensive. I’ll tell you that.

Haven’t been able to play Wow due to the fact that I can’t use my Alienware. BUT, on these Macbooks, we can install games and what-not but just not allowed to play them at school, and on Australian internet, I am currently waiting for the 26 GB Download to finish. As if I was in America, it wouldn’t take long.

But it seems to run smoothly, but my parents won’t be letting me play on this much. 😦

Time management is something that I think I’m good at… Until I do it.. And that’s what parents are for!

Kind of a useless post but expect more soon!

Actually Winning and Rift.

I have found a brand-new love for WoW, in the art of Dueling, although I am never one to do something that has no rewards, I have no idea why the idea of PVPing for nothing appeals to me, but not only that. But I’m actually winning quite a bit, in fact I recorded a few last night and am putting them into a little montage for you guys. I hope to be uploading it right after I finish writing this, It is starting with a bit of a display or Show-off if you will of how my character is shaping up as far as progression and gearing goes. I think World of Warcraft has become quite simple over the years by introducing catch-ups for Tyrannical Gear, which has been MEGA Handy, but also makes me kind of feel as though I don’t deserve the gear I have received, sure I had to grind 2v2s to get to that stage or actually BUYING it.

I havn’t touched LFR since last time, mainly due to lack of time on WoW altogether, with School work and playing more casual games like NFS: Hot Pursuit recently and other things.

I have also been doing more social events like going to the Skate Rink with my Hockey Blades and friends and tearing it up or going to the movies. I recently saw Hangover Part 3, A little disappointed about the movie, but the humour still had me crying of laughter, maybe thats just my immaturity though.

I have also recently tried out Rift after seeing it for 4 bucks while buying a new headset (Gamescom 780) and so far I am enjoying it, only spent about 2-3 hours in it so far, but looks promising, apparently going F2P soon. I’m not quite assured by Trion’s ability so far to balance Payments and Pay2Win elements that are seen WAY too often now-a-days.

Anyway, thank you for reading and please leave some feedback, at least telling me whether or not to continue writing as I have no idea if anyone reads these, let alone ENJOYS them.

And for the link to that video, It will be uploaded in a few hours, so hang out there:

LFR, First Time and Being Sick

This week, I have been non-stop sneezing, all-day Monday and Tuesday at school, although, my mother being the hardest person to convince of something in the world, only saw me in the afternoon when it began to slow down.. She is also one to NEVER let you have days off school. On Wednesday, I finally got the day off school after coughing up phlegm and a bit of blood. Only then did she half-believe me. She let me take the day off, with no computer usage EVEN after she got home from work, 5pm. Of coarse, being in Australia, the first day we can try out 5.3 would be.. Wednesday… So no trying it out for me. Luckily after vomiting completely, my Dad let me go on the computer for a few hours because he believed I wasn’t faking it (GO team Dad). Anyway, So I decided to do Last Stand of the Zandalari. I was nearly overwhelmed by the amount of support and helpfulness of my team. APRIL FOOLS! (bit late) Oh my god… So much hate.. I thought Trade Chat trolling was bad or Razor Hill general chat. In all my Voice chats in Call of Duty getting told by 10 year olds about my Mother’s social/sex life had I ever heard so much negativity. I started off to a rough start by failing the one thing that Assassination have up their sleeve…  Poisons. So you can imagine some rager’s comments in Instance chat directed at me. They could of whispered it at least. No, instead, publicly humiliated in front of 24 randoms not even from my realm. Here’s how it went (major spelling errors forced my OCD to kick in)

Troll: Faggot, Assassination Rogue, put poisons on, go reroll in Runescape

Me: Oops. Sorry.

Troll2: Haha, reroll faggot

Troll3: Faillllllllllll

Troll4: L2P twelvie c*nt


^ This is the bullshit that World of Warcraft casual side has become.

I was doing pretty bad DPS in full Malevolent and 4 Tyr and Malev Daggers. Sitting at 47-52k DPS

Also, PVP Changes in 5.3.. PVP Power and Resil… Never before have I nearly punched my screen in rage before thanks to Blizzard.

In some good news, my blogging/streaming guild is now level 3! its called HaZardousCrime on the Frostmourne server if you would like to talk to me or join. Thanks! Sorry for short post but dont have much time, I’ll write a big one on friday!


Arenas and Real Life.. Oh Thou Aren’t a Cruel Bitch

I have been Arena spamming with a good BM Hunter who I found in Trade Chat. Romantic right? There is something I have learned. I play WoW for more hours then I should. Though, When I play its like an instant satisfaction when I log into my Rogue and start doing BGs. Although If I play for too long, the fun starts to drown. For example, Arena – NO MATCH IS EQUAL. Either you face-roll them in 10 seconds. Or they Face-roll you in 10 seconds. We found ONE match which lasted more than 50 seconds. Which ended when the Mistweaver got his healing back… Honestly, Mistweaver is TOO OP for Arena. Add Ring of Peace to the equation, and the fact that I’m a Rogue.. I have to cry myself to sleep sometimes. Enough of my rant. When I play for too many hours, I start to ponder what I could be doing IRL, and WoW seems a Chore. But when I log out and go to do something, my mind starts wondering what I could be doing in WoW at the time..

Mind: You could be gearing your MM Huntard.

Mind: You could be hitting the conquest cap.

Mind: You could level one of your 8 alts.. you altoholic.

And then I eventually come back.. and the cycle repeats all over again.


I recently got informed by Hydra from Twisted Nether Blogcast that they will be mentioning me in Episode 199, Sunday 5/19 11PM ET, Which I am massively grateful for.

P.S. Short post today due to lack of time on computer.

Finally Geared!

Being a student at high school and trying to be a competitive gamer, is something that takes true effort and time to juggle. I play multiple games, from Battlefield 3 to WoW and all the way down the chain to the odd Red Dead Redemption match with a few friends.


Now WoW, over the years has tested my skill, effort and belief, especially being a raid leader in an old guild, when I was 13. Believe it or not, I was always complimented for my dedication and effort put into raiding. We never got any Realm Firsts. But, That used to take most of my time in WoW, as anyone in a raiding guild would know. You need to make sure everyone is available at one given time and often need to sort out if anyone can’t make it, and find a replacement, usually a low-end geared PuGer or a fellow guildie.


Ever since I stumbled upon Mercader, a great PVP Rogue in Dara Mactire, Google that. I wanted to play a Rogue, So when Cata ended, I hung up the Wizard Robe and Hat and pulled out a pair of daggers coated in lethal poisons. Unfortunately, It was hard going to begin. Eager to begin my PVP endevours early, I tried Battlegrounds… Without Heirlooms. Sooo… You can imagine how fast I was face-rolled by a Heirloomed-up Tauren Warrior with massive Shield Slam crits. I finally got to 90 after a 2-3 month away period. I had NO gear for PVP and you can imagine how geared others got in that period of time. I hit 90 after 5.2 was released, After getting my assed servered and smashed and served back to me time after time, I was that stealted Rogue claim to be playing on “Defence.” Afking in other words.


After One weeks of playing as much as I could handle, I FINALLY got full Malevolent and a nice pair of Tyrannical Gloves :). I found a BM Hunter to do 2v2s with, We won a bit and by the end of the week just before Conquest reset. We had a win ratio of 23-21. Not good, but not at all bad. I quickly learned that the people who got in early and got their sets of Tyrannical and easy rating, dominated the field… and Destro Warlocks.

I soon realised that I did’nt need to play that much ALL DAY. I could do other things in real life and focus on playing with friends, One positioned at 71 and the other at 83.

I am currently pushing for 1.5k Rating, which is not easy as a Rogue without Tyrannical Daggers. I am also specced into Assassination, very rare in PVP, But I love Mutilate and Dispatch Procs 🙂


If you are still reading this, I thank you and please leave any feedback.