Settling In.

My new school is alright, people put more effort into their work.. and the canteen is really healthy.. *sigh*. But beyond that, they swear just as much, underage drink and smoke just as much. And it’s a private school, therefor the uniform is a lot more “official” which is another word for “embarrassing”. Haven’t had much time at all to game, but when I am, I am on the Xbox 360 and playing the new State of Decay. It is AWESOME. Dunno how old it is as it has only JUST be allowed into Australia as we have a R18+ rating, but our country still refuses to let those games in, like the new Saints Row 4 is getting changed to even be allowed, and for that reason, they are putting it as MA15+.. Ahhh our country is a truly messed up one. Anyway, Im off to bed. 50% Laziness and 50% Boredom. 


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