New School

I haven’t written anything for this blog for a while, due to the fact of my main computer being in repairs and the part needed will take a long time to order/import and stuff. I won’t bother going through what I need and why it takes so long.

I have recently left my public school and entered a Private School, or Christian School. Since then I have gained a Macbook from the school. Which I am currently typing on now. I have never liked Macs but it isn’t too bad. But they are bloody expensive. I’ll tell you that.

Haven’t been able to play Wow due to the fact that I can’t use my Alienware. BUT, on these Macbooks, we can install games and what-not but just not allowed to play them at school, and on Australian internet, I am currently waiting for the 26 GB Download to finish. As if I was in America, it wouldn’t take long.

But it seems to run smoothly, but my parents won’t be letting me play on this much. 😦

Time management is something that I think I’m good at… Until I do it.. And that’s what parents are for!

Kind of a useless post but expect more soon!


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