Actually Winning and Rift.

I have found a brand-new love for WoW, in the art of Dueling, although I am never one to do something that has no rewards, I have no idea why the idea of PVPing for nothing appeals to me, but not only that. But I’m actually winning quite a bit, in fact I recorded a few last night and am putting them into a little montage for you guys. I hope to be uploading it right after I finish writing this, It is starting with a bit of a display or Show-off if you will of how my character is shaping up as far as progression and gearing goes. I think World of Warcraft has become quite simple over the years by introducing catch-ups for Tyrannical Gear, which has been MEGA Handy, but also makes me kind of feel as though I don’t deserve the gear I have received, sure I had to grind 2v2s to get to that stage or actually BUYING it.

I havn’t touched LFR since last time, mainly due to lack of time on WoW altogether, with School work and playing more casual games like NFS: Hot Pursuit recently and other things.

I have also been doing more social events like going to the Skate Rink with my Hockey Blades and friends and tearing it up or going to the movies. I recently saw Hangover Part 3, A little disappointed about the movie, but the humour still had me crying of laughter, maybe thats just my immaturity though.

I have also recently tried out Rift after seeing it for 4 bucks while buying a new headset (Gamescom 780) and so far I am enjoying it, only spent about 2-3 hours in it so far, but looks promising, apparently going F2P soon. I’m not quite assured by Trion’s ability so far to balance Payments and Pay2Win elements that are seen WAY too often now-a-days.

Anyway, thank you for reading and please leave some feedback, at least telling me whether or not to continue writing as I have no idea if anyone reads these, let alone ENJOYS them.

And for the link to that video, It will be uploaded in a few hours, so hang out there:


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