LFR, First Time and Being Sick

This week, I have been non-stop sneezing, all-day Monday and Tuesday at school, although, my mother being the hardest person to convince of something in the world, only saw me in the afternoon when it began to slow down.. She is also one to NEVER let you have days off school. On Wednesday, I finally got the day off school after coughing up phlegm and a bit of blood. Only then did she half-believe me. She let me take the day off, with no computer usage EVEN after she got home from work, 5pm. Of coarse, being in Australia, the first day we can try out 5.3 would be.. Wednesday… So no trying it out for me. Luckily after vomiting completely, my Dad let me go on the computer for a few hours because he believed I wasn’t faking it (GO team Dad). Anyway, So I decided to do Last Stand of the Zandalari. I was nearly overwhelmed by the amount of support and helpfulness of my team. APRIL FOOLS! (bit late) Oh my god… So much hate.. I thought Trade Chat trolling was bad or Razor Hill general chat. In all my Voice chats in Call of Duty getting told by 10 year olds about my Mother’s social/sex life had I ever heard so much negativity. I started off to a rough start by failing the one thing that Assassination have up their sleeve…  Poisons. So you can imagine some rager’s comments in Instance chat directed at me. They could of whispered it at least. No, instead, publicly humiliated in front of 24 randoms not even from my realm. Here’s how it went (major spelling errors forced my OCD to kick in)

Troll: Faggot, Assassination Rogue, put poisons on, go reroll in Runescape

Me: Oops. Sorry.

Troll2: Haha, reroll faggot

Troll3: Faillllllllllll

Troll4: L2P twelvie c*nt


^ This is the bullshit that World of Warcraft casual side has become.

I was doing pretty bad DPS in full Malevolent and 4 Tyr and Malev Daggers. Sitting at 47-52k DPS

Also, PVP Changes in 5.3.. PVP Power and Resil… Never before have I nearly punched my screen in rage before thanks to Blizzard.

In some good news, my blogging/streaming guild is now level 3! its called HaZardousCrime on the Frostmourne server if you would like to talk to me or join. Thanks! Sorry for short post but dont have much time, I’ll write a big one on friday!



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