Finally Geared!

Being a student at high school and trying to be a competitive gamer, is something that takes true effort and time to juggle. I play multiple games, from Battlefield 3 to WoW and all the way down the chain to the odd Red Dead Redemption match with a few friends.


Now WoW, over the years has tested my skill, effort and belief, especially being a raid leader in an old guild, when I was 13. Believe it or not, I was always complimented for my dedication and effort put into raiding. We never got any Realm Firsts. But, That used to take most of my time in WoW, as anyone in a raiding guild would know. You need to make sure everyone is available at one given time and often need to sort out if anyone can’t make it, and find a replacement, usually a low-end geared PuGer or a fellow guildie.


Ever since I stumbled upon Mercader, a great PVP Rogue in Dara Mactire, Google that. I wanted to play a Rogue, So when Cata ended, I hung up the Wizard Robe and Hat and pulled out a pair of daggers coated in lethal poisons. Unfortunately, It was hard going to begin. Eager to begin my PVP endevours early, I tried Battlegrounds… Without Heirlooms. Sooo… You can imagine how fast I was face-rolled by a Heirloomed-up Tauren Warrior with massive Shield Slam crits. I finally got to 90 after a 2-3 month away period. I had NO gear for PVP and you can imagine how geared others got in that period of time. I hit 90 after 5.2 was released, After getting my assed servered and smashed and served back to me time after time, I was that stealted Rogue claim to be playing on “Defence.” Afking in other words.


After One weeks of playing as much as I could handle, I FINALLY got full Malevolent and a nice pair of Tyrannical Gloves :). I found a BM Hunter to do 2v2s with, We won a bit and by the end of the week just before Conquest reset. We had a win ratio of 23-21. Not good, but not at all bad. I quickly learned that the people who got in early and got their sets of Tyrannical and easy rating, dominated the field… and Destro Warlocks.

I soon realised that I did’nt need to play that much ALL DAY. I could do other things in real life and focus on playing with friends, One positioned at 71 and the other at 83.

I am currently pushing for 1.5k Rating, which is not easy as a Rogue without Tyrannical Daggers. I am also specced into Assassination, very rare in PVP, But I love Mutilate and Dispatch Procs 🙂


If you are still reading this, I thank you and please leave any feedback.



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