Arenas and Real Life.. Oh Thou Aren’t a Cruel Bitch

I have been Arena spamming with a good BM Hunter who I found in Trade Chat. Romantic right? There is something I have learned. I play WoW for more hours then I should. Though, When I play its like an instant satisfaction when I log into my Rogue and start doing BGs. Although If I play for too long, the fun starts to drown. For example, Arena – NO MATCH IS EQUAL. Either you face-roll them in 10 seconds. Or they Face-roll you in 10 seconds. We found ONE match which lasted more than 50 seconds. Which ended when the Mistweaver got his healing back… Honestly, Mistweaver is TOO OP for Arena. Add Ring of Peace to the equation, and the fact that I’m a Rogue.. I have to cry myself to sleep sometimes. Enough of my rant. When I play for too many hours, I start to ponder what I could be doing IRL, and WoW seems a Chore. But when I log out and go to do something, my mind starts wondering what I could be doing in WoW at the time..

Mind: You could be gearing your MM Huntard.

Mind: You could be hitting the conquest cap.

Mind: You could level one of your 8 alts.. you altoholic.

And then I eventually come back.. and the cycle repeats all over again.


I recently got informed by Hydra from Twisted Nether Blogcast that they will be mentioning me in Episode 199, Sunday 5/19 11PM ET, Which I am massively grateful for.

P.S. Short post today due to lack of time on computer.


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